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Board Of Martial Arts Council Grading System

  • 你的终身会员的好处
  1.   与世界各地的其他武术大师网络
  2.   独立武术协会 - 没有政治,没有麻烦
  3.   你的最高等级的识别
  4.  级晋升可能
  5.   会员证书
  6.   讲师认证可能
  7.  用博爱标志的可能

  • Benefits of your Lifetime Membership:
  1.   Network with other Martial Arts Masters around the World
  2.   Independent Martial Arts Association - no politics, no hassle
  3.   Recognition of your highest Rank
  4.  Rank Advancement possible
  5.   Membership Certificate
  6.   Instructor Certification possible
  7.  use of Fraternity Logo possible