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Michael Neal (10th Dan) was born and raised in the Cites of Richmond & Lexington Kentucky (USA) in the 1950's. He started his Martial Arts path and training in the early 1960's at a young age from studying from correspondents he could find at the time, from magazines, all the time attending the public school systems as he trained he has trained under a total of three Grandmaster and has never trained under anyone that was under the rank of 8th Dan. This is NOT to say that anyone under this rank that holds a Black Belt is less knowledgeable, Just that he trained with the best of the best. He met a man in 1963 that was a Grandmaster in a style and system of the Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu Style / System, This is a collective teaching of the temples in China with the best forms and weapons . During the mid-1800's Chinese martial arts were cloaked in secrecy, as they had been in China. Outsiders knew nothing of them. It was not until much later was they available for the non-Chinese. When the Martial Arts did come within grasping range of a non-Chinese, they were viewed as a Mysterious, Secretive, and Practice that was used strictly for fighting. In this Shaolin style, we practice Nei Kung (Internal work) (Chinese) (Kung-Fu), Training incorporated with a more physical Wei Kung (External work) (Japanese / Karate), to create a more complete Martial Artist. We practice a variety of animal-based forms and systems such as the Bird, Tiger, & Dragon. Da Mo’s Ie Ching (Bodhidharma), And Physical forms such as San Njie Chien,Three unity “Iron Man” Form, Tie Ku Chang / Iron Bone Palm, Se Meng Tao lie “The way to break the four doors” {Facing the four doors}. Some of our weapons reflect the Japanese Styles such as the Tonfa, Sai, Kamas, and Nunchaku. The Japanese Ranking System and Gi are used due to the Popular Japanese (Karate) Systems, and due to the fact that the Chinese were discriminated against so in order to continue with the art of Shaolin it took on another appearance. This was done during the Boxer Rebellion about 1900. Now still in the 1960's it was hard enough finding a "Karate" teacher much less a "Kung-Fu" teacher as it did not grow like wildfire until the 1970's with the release of the Bruce lee movies and the TV series "Kung-Fu", This Master Michael found visited the school he was attending and gave a demo and Michael was so impressed with this art and the movements and beauty of it that he just had to ask him if he could take classes so with his Mom & Dad giving approval, He started his training out of a garage with just a few students and became a great student of the arts, wanting to learn all he could, Being joined later with his Cousin Juanita; Michael would help teach his cousin at home (She lived with him and his Parents). Training very hard every day after his public school classes was over. He then earned his Black Belt in 1967 after a long physical Test. Michael continued his training everyday after school for the next 6 years going over and over each movement. Michael was the most Senior Student of Great-Grandmaster, So then in 1973, he got permission to start teaching. He then started teaching the art he loved so well naming the school the Madison Martial Arts Academy. He began his teaching in the local YMCA and Recreation centers in the local city area, and even teaching private classes at students home. He was never interested in the show or tournament side of the Martial Arts or interested in any other sport; He was very devoted to his art form and teaching it. Michaels’ favorite weapon is the Broad Sword and the Tiger Forms are his favorite long forms. This was all he wanted to do is train and teach. He continued his training and teaching over the next 7 years, and achieved Master rank in 1981, At this point in his life with many years of understanding the Martial Arts he started studying the Korean Style of Tae Kwon Do in Lexington, Kentucky (USA). He spent about a year working out and studying both arts, but his heart and love was in Shaolin. Therefore, he stopped studying Tae Kwon Do to devote himself to the Shaolin System. Moreover, by the 1990's and with his Grandmaster retiring in 1993, He was awarded the leadership of the System and with it the Grandmaster 10Th Degree Black Belt of this Shaolin Kung-Fu System. His Grandmaster (Liang Ming chuan) Passed away a few years later in 1995, And with his passing a part of Michael died and what knowledge he still had with in him. About this time, he opened a School in North Carolina and Chartered the Madison Martial Arts Academy in the State. Michael worked hard to bring out this System in more public attention. He then became Chairman of the Chinese Martial Arts Division of the A.A.U. for the State of North Carolina (1994-1995) {Amateur Athletic Union} and worked hard teaching and promoting the art, Adding an “Umbrella” form and many different “Self-Defense Sequence, many he has taught to Police Officers for practical uses by them. Opening schools in the cities of Franklin & Waynesville (Two Schools in Franklin).He then chartered the Madison Martial Arts Academy in the State of Kentucky in 2005, moving there in 1998. He has been approved and is a member of the United States Martial Arts Association, as well as the Independent Martial Arts Federation,  the Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association, And other Martial Arts Organizations that give him honor and respect for being apart of them. He now all so sits on the Advisory Boards of Martial Arts Organizations, And has been elected into the Hall-Of-Fame on a few (2010 Grandmaster of the Year) In the International Independent Martial Arts Association.  In addition, is appointed President of the state of Kentucky Chapter (USA) for the W.O.M.A. He is a Member of the World Kung Shao Organization in 2010. He has given of himself to Charities such as Humanitarian needs, and fund raising events for those in need over the years, and has taught those that could not pay for classes. Going into Public Schools and doing Demo’s for the students, and giving Seminars in Local and out of state Colleges. He has received many awards and Accolades for his very kind heart to both the Martial Arts world and his fellow Man. He teaches as he learned, with understanding as well as the need for listening. He has taught many Black Belts as well as many Students over the years, and they all have great respect for him. Some still call and ask him for advice to their every day life. He is a great person in whole. He has been involved in the Non-profit fund raising events as well, to help and assist people in need in the community. Grandmaster Neal is very much known for his dedication, loyalty, and sense of honor, sense of humor, and his love of his family and students. To him his students are his family! The Shaolin is a vast art and no one person could ever hold its’ knowledge. He is just glad that he has apart of it, and can further its’ teaching to others as it was to him. His greatest quality is that he will teach anyone that wants to learn as he did even if they can not afford to pay Money is nor ever has been a major factor to him. He has done this on many occasions. He is a true teacher and student of the art he loves so well.


A special Note: Grandmaster Neals' Wife (Donna) has been in Critical condition for close to a year and he has been close by her side as she has been in and out of five Hospitals and in ICU of one. He has as i am sure those of us that know him has dropped everything to be at her side giving her the care she needs. We all join in wishing both of them all the best, That both of them recover soon. 







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