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Merchandise & Payments

We offer Hand Drawn Certificates in the Characters of Japanese, Chinese, & Korean. Just let us know in what Characters you what.

Payments may be mailed to P.O. Box 2015.
Richmond, Kentucky (USA) 40476
Must be in Check / Money order, and in (US) Currency along with proper Certificates, Applications, Requests

In What Characters. Japanese, Chinese, Korean

Your Rank Certificate (The one you want translated) should be US Mailed to us after placing Order, or you may send by E-mail to:

Hand Drawn Certificates
In What Characters

No Refund On Hand Drawn Certificates

State What patch you would like at time of order for all Patches other than what is listed (i.e. American/Chinese Flag, Shotokan Patch)
M.M.A.A. Patches sold only to M.M.A.A. Students..

Official PayPal Seal

Sizing Chart

0000 = 30 lb.
000 = 40 lb.
00 = 60 lb.
0 = 85 lb.
1 = 100 lb.
2 = 125 lb.
3 = 150 lb.
4 = 185 lb.
5 = 210 lb.
6 = 250 lb.
7 = 280 lb.
8 = 325 lb.

State Size of Gi Upon Ordering In Check Out

Gi's Color

Flags 36" X 60"

China Flags

Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Flag of the Republic of China (Main Land)

Merchandise (1)

Merchandise (2)

Specialty Belts

Embroidered Belts When Ordering, State what is wanted on Belt and what End (i.e. Name on Label End, Or Non Label) You May All so send a e-mail after placing Order To: and state what you would like on Belt, Name, Rank Bars, Style & Size, Color Of Thread (Red, Gold, White). These are Of Good Quality Belts.
Embroidering Belts
Chinese, Japanese
Rank Bars

No Refund on Embroidered Belts or Bar Rank Belts

All So Available In Korean


No Refund On Out Of Area Seminars

We now offer Dojo / Martial Arts Software. This software is fully functional and keeps you track of your students, with photo of the students and all

other information needed to run and keep track of your school. With a full Back-Up option to down load to any Device.

Dojo / School CD