The Martial Arts are different things to different People

  • An exercise program
  • A course in self-defense
  • A stress reduction strategy
  • A learning experience where individuals, including parents and their children, can develop a shared sense of:
    • Family Values
    • Self-Discipline
    • Self-Confidence
    • Self-Esteem
    • Self-Responsibility
    • A “can do” attitude
    • A keener mental focus
    • Higher levels of concentration
    • More respectful attitudes toward themselves and others

The Martial Arts can be all of these things, but they also can be much more.

In ancient times, Martial Artists embarked upon a life-long pathway into personal excellence. This pathway has been passed down from Master to Master for well over 5000 years. They know that this path leads to peaceful restraint and the ability to stay powerfully grounded with an open heart and a clear, quiet mind. They know that this age-old path is a way of daily living that opens the heart, clarifies the mind, strengthens the body, and brings a lasting joy to life.

The Martial Arts and the Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate System is a dynamic process that integrates the mind and the body . . . creating a powerfully enhanced spirit.

This powerfully enhanced spirit then becomes the guiding force in everything

Not all Masters have been introduced to this ancient essence of the Martial Arts. And not all those who have been introduced to it choose to honor it in their everyday lives.

But there are Masters, young and old, who do honor these ancient roots of the Martial Arts and the Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate System by living lives of extra-ordinary Integrity. For us personal excellence is a practical way of living that combines a growing self-regard with the ability to make decisions that add immeasurable joy and quality to our individual and shared lives. All the best in Life and in the Martial Arts


The Madison Martial Arts Academy Offers the following Martial Arts Styles and Systems:

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