Membership Tuition & Payments

We sell all color Belts just use the pull down menu below. Just state what color and size you need in the PayPal payment area.  This Area is intended for a opinion to make Class And Rank,Tuition Fee's Payment Only. Just use the menu  to match the Item you are Buying or Paying for, (i.e. Instructor Certification)..This Area is intended for Students of the Madison Martial Arts Academy, and it's Members to make Payments easier only!! Please note that if you are ordering a Black Belt or Master Belt you MUST!! send us your Black Belt or Master Rank Certificate before belts will be sent. We are trying to make a stand on this so please understand and help us. We only hope that all Martial Arts Suppliers would do this as well. Please Note: We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization we DO NOT Charge those that can not pay, based on any hard ship they have. They MUST show proof of this, When this is done any classes will be free or a Reduced amount. We feel that every one needs to train, and our Children need this more in today  world. So if you feel you can show this proof please follow the steps below and make sure you meet them.

1) Your income must fall at or below the Poverty Level
2) Send in any utility Statement (i.e. Electric, Gas.) No Telephone or Cable Please. Collage students may also send in Tuition paid out.
3) Send Name, Age, Birth Date, Address, Phone Number.
3) A Statement from someone other than a family member that can state of your need.
4) Send a Copy of Birth Certificate.

We look forward to being your Guide in the Martial Arts.

Madison Martial Arts Academy, Inc

1) School Charter...($50) (To Operate under the Charter of the M.M.A.A and its Bylaws)
2) Instructor Certification...($25)
3) M.M.A.A Life Membership...($50)
4) Examiner License....($50) (To Be Able To Sit On Black Belt Examining Board)
5) Sensei Certificate...($15)
6) Assistant Instructor License...($15)
7) Instructor License...($20)
8) Sempai License...($10)

Payments may be mailed to P.O. Box 2015.
Richmond, Kentucky (USA) 40476
Must be in Check / Money order, and in (U.S) Currency 
Along with Application

Martial Arts Stamps (Chops)

Made out of High Quality,Durable Rubber, these stamps will last through years of use. Any color ink pad may be used. Please include Preferred text with order for translation.
Japanese, Chinese, Koren. Use the Pull Down Menu Below for Order..


Test & Class Fee Fee's

When Ordering Color Belts State what Color, Up On Check Out (i.e. Yellow or Blue)
Key Chain's and Pens  "Madison Martial Arts Academy Black Belt Club" Are Only Sold To Academy Black Belt Members Only. State Size Belt when placing Order

Fees & Belts

Stamps (Chops)
In Japanese. Chinese. Koren


Official PayPal Seal

We are a Non-Profit Organization any Donations would be helpful and go to the further Training of Children, Women Classes for Rape Prevention,
 Family Classes. And for teaching all those that can not afford to train and take classes elsewhere. We thank you for any Donation you may make.

Testing Fee's (Out Of Area)

No Refund on out of area Testing Fee's


If You Need Replacement Certificate
Replacement Certificate

Member Payments