Some Questions And Answers


 Q. Will I be put into class with people of higher skill level

ls than me?


A. No, we have an orientation system. Students start with two private lessons with a professional instructor / Sifu. After these introductory lessons, they then go into orientation. This is a program especially designed to help beginners get used to training in Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu. New students will remain in the orientation program for up to a few months before moving on to our regular group classes.





 Q. How long would it take to learn the entire art?


A. a Lifetime, We have No! 25 or 30 Year old Master's.






Q. I'm a little uncoordinated, will I do OK in Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate.


A. Yes, don't worry, everyone feels a little uncoordinated when they start. The Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate System teach coordination, You will use body movements and muscles that you most likely never have before. We do this by breaking down each little body motion into smaller motions and build from there. Developing a mind body connection develops coordination and balance. Studying Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate greatly increases coordination and balance.











Q. Should I get in shape before starting my training in Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate?


A. We hear people say they are going to get in shape first. Kind of a funny idea. The best way to get in shape is to come in and start. Training in Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate is a fantastic way to get into shape. We'll start off at your level and go from there. You'll find yourself getting into shape at the proper rate. This is important for long-term benefits.






Q. Do you teach Children and adults together?




A. No, Children learn differently than adults therefore we have separate programs for each.






Q. Is Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate an aggressive art?




A. Yes, and very deadly but that doesn't mean it makes people aggressive. Taught in the wrong way, any martial art can cause big egos and attitudes. We teach our students how to be aggressive if needed, but there's no reason to walk around with this attitude all the time. Attitude is a cover up for low self-esteem. Actually when a martial art is taught properly, the student becomes more confident, and even becomes afraid of what he / she could do. Because they are more confident, they become less aggressive. We think of teaching a highly effective and aggressive art like this. We want to give our students the tools they might need for any situation. However, you don't pull out a sledgehammer to drive a push-pin




Q.Is Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu better than other Martial Arts Systems and Styles

A. No! We teach that all Martial Arts should be equal. We show Respect to all the Martial Arts and it's Teachers and Students, We have a ( 0 ) Zero tolerance for BULLY'S in the Martial Arts.


Q. When do you stop being a Student of Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate??

A. Never! We are always a student of any of the Martial Arts, if you quit being a student, you need to go elsewhere!


Q. Do you teach people how to Fight?

A. NO! We teach people how NOT! to fight. What we teach is a Art and how to Defend yourself or others in a time of Great need, when it is a matter of Life, Or Death, Or Body Harm. If you want to just learn how to Fight please go else where.


Q. How long will it take to get a Black Belt?

A. This depends on each persons ability to learn and understand what they have learned. For most it will take a few years, for others it may take longer. Most will not pass the first time they take the Black Belt Test, we do this to see how you will take disappointment and the proper attitude toward yourself and your Teachers. This is NOT to say you will not pass the first time, just do not be disappointed if you do not, just try harder and train harder and the next time may be your turn.


Q. What does a Black Belt Mean?

A. Most people think that after they get to Black Belt that they have learned most of what they need to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth! when you reach Black Belt then you are ready to Begin learning, Look at the Black Belt Rank as Graduation from High School, and you are ready to go on to College. You have the Tools to really learn something and go on to much higher knowledge. Your Work has Just began!!



Q. Is learning Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate Hard?

A. The Chinese Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate System is one of the most vast and complex systems and styles in the world. We teach the "Hard" and "Soft" forms or "External" and "Internal" forms. So with that said, the answer would be both Yes & No. Yes for some to learn at first, and No for some others, for each person it is different. This is why in the Shaolin Temples you were placed with a certain Teacher that best fit your Body type and natural ability, and the ability to learn what was being taught. We will help and work with you to make your learning a Easy as possible. So may the road to knowledge be a easy one!