Always Be The STUDENT, and never have your eyes or mind closed, have them OPEN to all possibilities.

Statement From Grandmaster Neal

Welcome to the Madison Martial Arts Academy, Inc, we teach the TRADITIONAL Martial Art of Shaolin Kung-Fu / Karate. The "Hard" & "Soft" side of the Chinese Arts. If you were looking for a "Sport" or Tournament based Martial Arts you need to look else where. What we teach is a "Art" for "Real life Events" not for trophy's or points. We are not saying that these things are not useful or important but what we teach is the "Non-Commercial" forum of the Martial Arts, it is very Deadly and  Beautiful!

We will teach you the Traditional forums, with the Traditional ways of training and thinking. We will treat you as a Person and Not just another student, you will learn, Respect, Honor, Discipline, Self-respect and much more. We have helped students that have dyslexia do well in school, and other young people have better grades in school work. So if you train with us be prepared to learn as soon as you step foot on the training floor.

We feel that way too many Martial Arts Schools are what we call "Rank Mills" catering to the students need to get the Ranks or the "Black Belt". Not thinking that they are putting people on the street that are not fully qualified and could get hurt. Like the "Old Saying (A little knowledge is dangerous), You gain just enough to think you know what you are doing.When and IF! you reach the Black Belt Rank with us you will have all the tools you need, if you ever need them. We DO NOT! charge extra for learning forms in our system, with so called "Clinics" or "Seminars" that charge you extra money to learn something that should be taught with your training in the system. so they can line their pockets with your money.

We have Few Black Belts and even fewer Masters, because it takes time to first Master yourself and then to Master a single Form, much less many forums!!. (A Jack of all trades and MASTER Of NONE!).With todays fast paced world everyone wants things done fast, but to be a Good Martial Artiest takes time and to be a Great Martial Artiest takes even more time. So by going slower you will attain greater knowledge..

Your training will start slow and you will use muscles that you have most likely never used, your body will do things that it has never done before. You will start learning how to use your body like a baby taking it's first steps. You will learn how to make a fist and how to stand, you will learn self-defense tactics. Remember if you become a Black Belt you have become one NOT! because of what you have learned but because who you have become!! The Belt does not make you a Great Martial Artiest you make a Great martial artiest. I have had some of my students go to college and have trouble and call me and say they have used my teachings and it has helped them make it. Remember you NEVER stop learning in the Martial Arts you will find that you are always learning and wanting to learn. NEVER think you know it all or that you do not need to learn any more. Take a full glass of water you can not put any more water into it until you empty some out first! then you fill it back up and then empty it back out and you keep doing this as long as you live. I have been in the Martial Arts for many, many years and i am always learning and wanting to learn, always being the student. If you stay the student (In your mind) you will always be a Great Martial Artiest....

It takes many years to master this or any Martial Art, you can NOT! become a master at 25 years of age, for you are not even a master of yourself yet. It will take some time and any good thing should take some time and not have a quick learning process. Even if we spent 24/7 training it would still take many years to fully "Master" ourselfs as well as the Martial Arts.

So if you train with us or with someone else please keep this in mind, and please see our "Martial Arts Code"

"All the best in life and in the Martial Arts"


How to be a martial arts master teacher:
1. When you come into the martial arts, study it, whatever aspect that appeals or is available to you, whatever style, with the kind of vigor only a novice can bring to the table.
2. When you're young and able, but yourself through the fire of the smartest and hardest training you have the resources and ability to endure. The more you heat and fold and workthe steel, the stronger the sword.
3. Stay a student --and for God's sake, don't mistake the car for the trip. The martial arts is the car you might be driving, but the car is just a tool; the trip is why you're in the car. And, if God has graced you with any brains at all, appreciate that the trip is not about the destination, alone; appreciate the scenery and the tourist stops along the way.
4. Teach like a maniac; teach until you break thru the barrier's of your own stupidity. Teach until you've finally taught yourself that you don't know much --and that the process wasn't about what you know/knew at all, but what your students came to teach you.
5. Finally, when you're finally ready, realize it's not about the martial arts at all; not one little iota. Being a martial arts master is easy, disgracefully easy. The whole damn thing has been about getting out of the dojo, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially --on every level --and into the world. The goal is not "martial arts mastery," the goal is to become a compassionate, awake, participative, engaged, cognizant human being.
6. When you come into this awareness, even if only momentarily or in waves, study it, whatever aspect that appeals or is available to you, with the kind of vigor only a novice can bring to the table.
Oh, and take a stand for an many things as you're smart enough to stand for. Spit evil in the eye. Never hate; compassion and forgiveness is the only healthy path. See no enemies (I mean, you aren't 10-years-old, right?). Stand up for those who aren't able to stand up for themselves. Don't rape, molest, or kill --or, in other words, do no harm. Don't be a materialistic piece of selfish human, seek to live a life that is outwardly simple and inwardly rich; live simply so that others may, simply, live. Apologize, sincerely, every time you goof up (and you will goof up 10,000 times, or you're not really living at all). Stay away from crooks. Try not to lose your marbles before you lose your marbles. When, in your life, you are faced with a moral dilemma, keep in mind that your entire life of training was only to help you make the right decision, in the moment you must.


(I've written this, of course, not for you, but for myself)
Tom Callos

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