When You fail to hit the target with the arrow, find fault NOT! with the arrow, but with-in your self!

Testing Information

For All Students White Belts - Black Belt, For All Style's and Systems

1)  Show up for Testing with a good attitude, and a humble spirit.

2)  Have a clean and neat GI ( If not you will not test.)

3) Sit quietly when not on the deck, so not to disturb those that are 


4) Have your testing papers ready, and present them to the testing board

    When asked. (1st Brown belts, and Black belts - only).

5)  All testers will be required to perform all techniques they have

     Acquired for testing from White belt through 1st Degree Black belt ( i.e.:

     If testing to 1st degree Black belt, you will be doing all the techniques

     Acquired from White belt up to 1st Brown belt.).

6)  All testers that are testing for a higher Dan rank ( Black Belt) will

     Perform only Black Belt techniques ( i.e.:  for testing to 2nd Degree

     Black Belt you will only be tested on the 1st Degree Black Belt


7)  Before starting any technique bow to the testing board.

8)  If testing for Black Belt, or testing for a higher Black Belt rank, if you

     STOP, or make a mistake,  do NOT quit.  You most likely will fail this

     Test, but you must show the true martial arts spirit and continue with

     Your testing.  Remember, there is always the next time

9)  When testing is over, if your name is called, come up to the testing

     Board to receive your rank certificate.  If testing for 1st Degree Black

     Belt, you will receive your belt first.  Then you will turn, remove your

     Brown belt, and fold it.  You will then place your Black Belt around

     You. Tie the belt away from the testing board.  Turn back around, and

     Bow to the testing board.  Pick up your Brown Belt, and receive your

     Black Belt Certificate.  Then you will be seated.

10)  The names of those that have passed will be called.  The names of

      Those that have failed will not be called.  You will be told your score

      After testing is over in private.

11)  Testing will be done by either percentage, or on a scale of 1/2 to 2

      Point system.

12)  If testing by percentage you would need 75% to pass (for under 1st

      Degree Black Belt), and 85% ( for 1st Degree Black Belt and up).   On

      The scale you would need 1 point to pass for under 1st Degree Black

      Belt and 1  1/2 points for 1st Degree Black and up.

13)  All Black belts testing for a higher Dan rank will wear only a White GI

      With their Black Belt.

14)  All Male Testers MUST wear a groin cup.  Females should also

      Wear groin protection.

15)  All those testing should have their own sparring gear.  (Especially

       Black Belts and Brown Belts.)

 Note: Brown Belts, Black Belts who do not pass, will not be charged again, for Testing. 

Test Fees (Word)